Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Montgomery is 2 Months Old!!

Our sweet and precious Montgomery is now 2 Months Old!!  Yay yay yay!!  She is still the most perfect baby...and we love her so so much!!  She is starting to be more expressive and show us her sweet smile throughout the day!

Just look at this girlie...

"Mommy no more pictures please!" :)

And always along for the ride or fun places we go!! :)

We love you M.E. to the moon and back!!!

1st Day of Pre-School!

Back to Pre-School we go!  This year, both Jackson and Kyle will be attending The Spanish Schoolhouse!  We LOVE their Spanish immersion school...the teachers are the absolute best and I love that they are learning Spanish all day!!

Here are some pictures of their first day...

Here's to a GREAT school year!!  Mommy and Daddy love you J & K!!! :)

Back-to-School Hair Cuts!

We took the boys to Park's Barber Shop to get their "back-to-school hair cuts" done before the school year started!  Don't let their serious faces fool you...they LOVE getting their hair cut from JJ (Kyle's barber) and Mr. Frank (Jackson's barber)!

Such big boys, but such cutie patooties...

 JJ cutting Kyle's hair...the "before"

 Mr. Frank cutting Jackson's hair...the "before"

 ...and Kyle's "after!"

 ...and Jackson's "after!"

 And to finish off...a ride on the mechanical dolphin with a lolli-pop!!

Woohoo!!  Thanks Park's...until next time!!

Kyle is 2 years old!!

Well folks...our "Baby Kyle" is no longer a baby...Kyle turned 2 years old on July 31st!!  Where did the time go??  Kyle is most definitely our strong willed child, but we wouldn't have it any other way! :)  He is so silly, kind, smart, loving, sweet but can be such a little stinker, and is just so precious!

We celebrated our Kyle with a farm/barnyard, themed birthday party with family and friends!  We enjoyed some yummy bar-b-que for lunch, super, sweet treats for dessert, opened a ton of awesome presents, and ended the day with a tractor piƱata and swimming-fun in the water slide!  Such a fun and special day for our sweet Ky-Ky!  

Happy Happy Birthday Kyle!!!  We LOVE you soooooo much!! Hope you had a truly special day!!  :)

More July Fun...

Here's just a little summary of the fun we had in July...it was a busy month and flew by way too fast, but we loved every second of it!!:)


 Swimming at Nana's "red house" pool

 M.E. at the doctor's office with Mommy

 Playing on the new water slide/bounce house!

 Selfies with Kate!

 Fun at the Splash Pad

 Spending time with our incredible Grandmommy

 Sweet Siblings!

 Soccer practice fun...

 ...Kyle likes the water breaks! :)

 This face...

 ...I just can't even! :)

 Benihana's for lunch...


Thanks July for all the fun!!!